The Cheerios Challenge Is Sweeping The Internet


The latest craze sweeping the Internet is #CheeriosChallenge

Calling all dads this is your queue to have some fun with your sleeping babies. Do not be fooled, stacking Cheerios is not as easy as it looks. No two Cheerio is alike and many of you will have to except defeat.

So here’s what you do. Grab your favorite breakfast cereal snack, Cheerios, and proceed to stack one on top of the other, please do no not place them in their ears as that can leave crumbs in their ears. Once you get more than five you will see the difficulty in the task. And whatever you do, do not wake the baby. Mama will not be happy.

Those of you who need a little practice before attempting this on your little bundle of joy, A sleeping dog, sleeping cat, or even you’re cute and cuddly stuffed animal will be perfect for you to master the art of the #CheerioChallenge.

The hardest part of this challenge is to hold back the laughter as you stack Cheerios on your little ones and accidentally knock them over.

Please share your success and failures on Facebook and Twitter @soEzbeezy #CheerioChallenge

Good luck