What’s coming in IOS 10


We all know about Apple’s upcoming mobile software – IOS 10 which was successfully announced in recently held Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on 13 June 2016 by Apple’s CEO Tim Cook. But the big question is – what is the real thing under all those encrypted and coded layers of sophistication? Yes indeed, the biggest star of IOS 10 is the popular and improved self-help assistant Siri but other than that, is there anything that will convince you to upgrade?

IOS 10’s public beta version is now available and the free upgrade is expected to be available in the fall shortly before the iPhone 7 is released. Let’s begin with the 7 BIG FEATURES that might make you excited about the new upcoming operating system for your iPhone!


  1. After all, it’s all about The Voice

iPhone Lyft

Siri is now available to developers and is more functional in IOS 10. Thanks to Apple for this voice-powered assistant, SIRI will be a lot more useful and a lot more powerful than before. We will now be able to send messages via Siri through 3rd party apps like WhatsApp, Slack and WeChat on the move; and Uber will listen to you too. Booking a ride with UBER, just ask Siri. “Siri, I need a ride” and just like that Siri will give you the driver and fare information for easy for an easy ability to confirm your ride request.


  1. iMessage, the Platform

iPhone Messages FSEGone are the days when messaging in IOS was the worst and tedious thing ever. Apple has added rich links to messages in IOS 10 which will allow you to play the songs and videos from within the chat window.

Your favorite emojis will be three times bigger than before, and you can pick your emoji by simply typing your desired words (like love, cake, pizza…..chocolate).


  1. Rich Notifications

iPhone notifications

Along with the advancement of iMessage, Notifications are more responsive in IOS 10. Designed for 3D-Touch, with IOS 10 you will not need a 3DTouch enabled device. Rich notifications allow you to view and respond to the notification without having to open the application; whether to WhatsApp WeChat messages or your Facebook messenger’s ping.



  1. Managing your Photos easier than ever

iPhone photos managment

To get exactly what Apple’s Photos app can do, just click on Google Photos. Yup! You sensed it right; the photos app can now do face and object recognition. Moreover, you can search and sort your photos by place, date, and person. This might lead you into thinking to get an iPhone and ditch your Android.


  1. Intelligent, More Open MAPS

Apple Maps in IOS 10 got a twist and can do what Google Maps is currently doing. It will analyze the traffic ahead on the road and then accordingly give you the alternative routes to save your time. The best part of it is that it is now open to third-party applications. Get a table reservation with OpenTable and call the Uber (within maps) to take you there.


  1. Delete the JUNK on your iPhone

Every iPhone owner knows the annoyance of updating your IOS only to find new apps you don’t want, and cannot delete, so you move them to an unused folder. With IOS 10, that will be a thing of the past. Yes! Say goodbye to the unused / junk folder. You will be able to remove all the built-in system apps in IOS 10 like Tips, Calculator, Music, FaceTime, iBooks, Home, Compass, and anything else that you do not like.


  1. HomeKit Special

This feature is specially introduced for Home automation nerds. This one allows you to manage all your smart home devices (like garage doors, lights, gates…) having compatible apps within the app called “Home.” This is amazing; suppose you want to sleep and tap Good Night then the iPhone will automatically close the room’s blinds, switch off the lights, lock the doors and wish you a good night.


Honestly, the new IOS looks highly promising. There is no guarantee on actually released features, as of today all of these features are on track and scheduled for release in IOS 10 this early fall. This IOS just might make the life of Android and Windows a bit more difficult.