IOS 10.3 Just Made A Major Change, And You Probably Won’t Even Notice

iOS 10.3 device
Courtesy Apple - IOS 10 photos managment group(Credit - Apple)


This morning, March 27th, Apple released IOS 10.3 update. Among the normal bug fixes and security enhancements, Apple IOS developers have released a major change in how the IOS file system works on your iPhone and your iPad.

Apple File System (APFS) is now a major part of your iPhone & iPad operating system. APFS is replacing HFS+ (optimal for Flash and SSD storage) which was originally developed 30+ years ago. Anytime a change is made to how a file is located is an extremely dangerous move. While the end result is faster location times of your files, and will likely end up saving some space on your drive, this risky move by Apple could have been a disaster with devices not functioning and deleting a lot of files.

The good news is after releasing the update, millions of users have updated their devices and no major problems have been reported to Apple. It looks like this major enhancement has gone out without a glitch, and is a huge compliment to Apple IOS developers and their QA team squishing any bugs before it hit the masses.