Sony’s PS4 NEO, Why It Was A No-Show At E3 2016

Courtesy Sony Interactive Entertainment - PS4 Code Name NEO Releasing Fall 2016 (Credit - Sony Interactive Entertainment)
Courtesy Sony Interactive Entertainment – PS4 Code Name NEO Releasing Fall 2016 (Credit – Sony Interactive Entertainment)


Sony has predictably released a new consoles every 7-10 years. The PS2 was released in 2000, the PS3 in 2006, and the PS4 was in 2013. Now only 3 years later Sony has confirmed the existence of an upgraded PS4 gaming console going by codename NEO.

Now the heat is on for Sony to release the PS4 NEO before Project Scorpio is available in late 2017. With E3 2016 is now over, and Microsoft’s Project Scorpio was left to steal the show. Why did Sony not unveil their new hardware? Sony Interactive Entertainment President, Andrew House entered a short discussion with BBC as to why we did not get to see what the PS4 NEO is all about.  Andrew stated that “it was important to show everyone the new hardware, the new platform when we’ve got a full range of experiences that can take advantage of it.”

We do know a few things about this upcoming PS4 NEO. This is to be a high-end console, and with anything high-end we will find a higher price tag than the current PS4 model, available at $349. It will offer ultra-high definition 4K resolution targeting those with 4K televisions. The game manufacturers won’t have to produce much more work to take advantage of the PS4 NEO capabilities, and it has been reported that it will also have a ‘NEO Mode’ that would force the games to run at 1080p or higher. And yes, your current PS4 games and controllers will play together nicely with the NEO upgrade. Your PlayStation ID will work on both machines but not simultaneously, only one can be logged in at a time.  No game will be just for the PS4 NEO which is fantastic news. This world where older games can play on newer upgraded consoles is a step in the right direction. All and all the games will essentially play an awful lot prettier than games have previously.

Sony seems to be pushing towards the Apple model of releasing a mid-version that is not just a cosmetic upgrade but a hardware and performance upgrade as well. This strategy has worked quite well with the Apple iPhone. As with every release, customers are lining up around the block the night before just to get their hands on the latest and greatest. Maybe a PS4 with a little extra something special will be a welcomed strategy, but only time will tell.

All of these reports around the web are early editions of the specs of a gaming console that has not been released and likely won’t release until early fall 2016, likely September. The actual specs and official release date on the final product could most definitely change.

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