Moving Towards a Voice Controlled Future

Amazon -- Pictured: Amazon Echo (Photo by: Amazon Press Release)

How much is too much? As consumers, how much of your privacy are you willing to give up to have modern conveniences and the envy of your neighbors?

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Courtesy Apple -  IOS 10 Hero image (Credit - Apple)

what is the real thing under all those encrypted and coded layers of sophistication? Yes indeed, the biggest star of IOS 10 is the popular and improved self-help assistant Siri but other than that, is there anything that will convince you to upgrade?

Courtesy Sony Interactive Entertainment - PS4 Code Name NEO Releasing Fall 2016 (Credit - Sony Interactive Entertainment)

With all the recent press about the now confirmed existence of the PS4 NEO, Sony did not unveil their new hardware and platform. In an interview with Andrew House, House stated “it was important to show everyone the new hardware, the new platform when we’ve got a full range of experiences that can take advantage of it.”

Paul Marcarelli, the guy who used to ask if you could hear me now with Verizon, is appearing in new Sprint advertising (Photo: Business Wire)

The all too familiar voice behind the popular Verizon ‘’Can you hear me now?’’ commercials has made a remarkable comeback. After about 5 years since American actor/scriptwriter Paul Marcarelli’s almost 10 year contract with Verizon expired in 2011 he is now the face of Sprint.

Having reliable technology as a small business is essential to ensuring that your operations run smoothly. Without reliable technology, you will not be able to service your customers and it will ultimately hurt your business.