Disneyland Closes Popular Attractions To Make Way for Star Wars Land


Disneyland’s largest expansion ever is about to launch to make way for “Star Wars”, which means that a significant part of the Anaheim theme park will be shut down.

Disneyland will close some attractions – some temporarily, some permanently. Universal Studios, Disneyland’s biggest rival, unveiled the much anticipated Harry Potter attraction.

Charging customers more and giving them a below average worth of experience would be an irrational and very dangerous business strategy if the competition is raising its game. This is a risk that will not be taken at Disneyland.

Dennis Speigel, a professional theme park consultant and the president of International Park Services in Cincinnati, was so confident that he boldly said: “At the end of the day, Hell or high water, the tourists will come. You won’t see any drop in attendance.”

The owner of a more than 24 years old Disneyland premium pass, Daniel Bowmen of Sylmar, said how disappointed he is about the park having to close down so many attractions during “Star Wars” construction. That won’t keep him away though. “I just renewed my annual pass, so I’m going to Disneyland,” he said.

Thunder Ranch in Frontierland, Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree, Big Thunder Ranch Barbecue, and Big Thunder Ranch petting zoo (According to Disneyland officials, the animals have been adopted by a Southern California family that had previously worked with Disney animals) will be permanently closed, in order to build the new 14-acre Star “Wars area” attraction.

Fantasmic, the Mark Twain Riverboat, the Pirates Lair on Tom Sawyer Island, the Sailing Ship Columbia, the Disneyland Railroad, and other main nearby attractions on the Rivers of America will be temporarily closed.

14% of the park’s attractions, in an area that is almost a quarter of Disneyland’s 85 acres will either close permanently or temporarily.

In order to make more space available for the galaxy that is “Star Wars” land, Disney employees who have their offices outside the park, have started to move into the two office buildings located at South Manchester Avenue, which was purchased last year by Disney.

The completion date for “Star Wars” land area has not been officially announced, but industry experts state an opening date could still be at least a year away, possibly more.

According to Los Angeles Times, Suzi Brown, a Disney spokeswoman, said: “We are very excited to begin work that will lay the foundation for the new ‘Star Wars’-themed area at Disneyland California. With our continuing the Diamond Celebration entertainment and the new season of the Force offerings, there is so much for the guests to do during this time”.

The founder of Themesparkinsider.com, and Disney expert, Robert Niles stated that if Disneyland’s attendance declines prior to the opening of the new “Star Wars” area, the park might start the creation of new stage shows or parades based on other well-known Disney franchises, such as “Frozen”, in order to boost fan interest. “The market will dictate how aggressive Disney will have to be in order to counter the on-going construction effects,” he added.

If you wouldn’t mind what I think about this whole thing Disneyland is carrying out, I’d be sure to tell you in whatever language you understand, that this will be simply amazing.