Best and Worst Foods to Serve at Your Wedding

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Whether you are going for a wedding that is light and airy, or a party to serve as a vibrant celebration of your love, the menu can have a major impact on the atmosphere at your wedding. To start with, here are 3 of the worst foods to consider when selecting wedding catering in Jonesboro.

Spicy Food

You should avoid serving spicy food at your wedding if you can help it. Spicy foods activate your central nervous system so if you are already feeling nervous or nauseated at your wedding, this is going to make it worse. Spicy food will also make you more likely to sweat, and if guests are already on their feet dancing, this might be embarrassing for many people.

Salty Foods

Avoid any salty foods due to the fact they exacerbate water retention, which makes people bloat and generally feel very uncomfortable. You want people to feel comfortable and happy at your wedding.

Certain Vegetables

Although a beautiful and vibrant veggie tray might seem like the perfect thing to have at your wedding, some vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower are harder for your body to digest and can cause problems with gas. It is best to leave these off the menu and avoid any embarrassing moments from you or your wedding guests.

Fortunately, there are a lot of really great things that you can serve at your wedding. Here are 3 of the best foods to serve at your wedding to leave guests feeling full and satisfied.


Fruit is a great thing to serve at a wedding. It is colorful and pairs well with many other things that you might be serving. One of the worst things to have at your wedding is artificial sweeteners, and so using fruit to stand in for desserts or to infuse water can make the menu look amazing as well as be healthier for you and guests.


Water is a very important thing to serve at weddings. Because artificial sweeteners are not recommended, water can be a great stand-in for sweetened drinks such as punch or lemonade. To make it look beautiful and taste great, infuse it with fruit that matches your wedding colors.

Certain Vegetables

Just as there are some vegetables that you should avoid serving at your wedding like broccoli and cauliflower, there are other vegetables that do great as wedding menu items. Think of vegetables that have high water content such as cucumbers and lettuce. Avoid dressing your salads with heavy dressings as this may leave guests feeling bloated.

When choosing wedding catering in Jonesboro, it is important to talk to your wedding caterer about the many different food options that you can have at your wedding. The right or wrong foods can be the difference between guests leaving your celebration feeling energetic and excited, or bloated and ill. Talk to your caterer about which foods would be best for the atmosphere you are aiming for.

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