The Family That Laughs Together Stays Together


The adage “the family that laughs together stays together” is fairly well known the world over. However, have you ever considered that the family that laughs and plays together also stays together? There is nothing more stress-busting than having a good laugh. There is nothing that creates happy family memories more than having fun with your family! When your children think back on their childhood, they might not remember the expensive toys, top-of-the-line gadgets, and fashionable clothes you got them as much as they would remember the little moments every day when you made them laugh and when you all had fun together.

Very soon, your children will be all grown up ready to go to college. So make use of the precious time you have with them to create memories that they can look back on, years from now, which will bring a smile to their face and a warmth in their hearts. Laughing together ensures that your children remember you with warmth and love years down the line. You will stay together even if you aren’t staying under one roof! Here are some ideas to incorporate more fun into your life:

  • Allow one day (at least) in the week for your children to get into the kitchen and go crazy with you! This might not be something that you have time for on a daily basis when you are just struggling to get dinner on the table on time, but if you earmark a day in the week when you are more relaxed, it could turn into a fun activity where everyone can make as much of a mess as they want and still learn to turn out a delectable dish (and clean up afterwards while singing and dancing together!).
  • Dabble in art, finger paints and all, one day in a week! This is one activity that kids love. You could paint each other’s faces, or paint portraits of each other even!
  • Pitch a tent in your backyard, or if you don’t have a backyard, spread a bedspread over your dining table, remove all the chairs, and spend a night (or if that’s too much, a couple of hours!) doing anything from reading a book to sharing stories to playing a game of hand shadow puppetry! Use a flashlight in place of a campfire for added atmosphere.
Courtesy Flicker - Camping in the dessert (Credit - Srikanth Jandhyala)
Courtesy Flicker – Camping in the dessert (Credit – Srikanth Jandhyala)
  • Go on a scavenger hunt, giving each child or family member a list of clues to the objects they have to find and a time limit to return with the objects. It could be anything from objects that start with a certain letter or objects of a certain color, etc.
  • Have a karaoke night at home! Let your children learn the lyrics to your favorite songs and get to know what your children are grooving to as well!

Having fun with your family may be the best thing you can do to forget all about the stresses of daily living and bond once again with your children and partner!