10 Fun Things Fathers Can Do With Their Children


People often talk about dads like they’re totally inept and the phrase “babysitting” is commonly used. Every dad knows that dads don’t babysit their own children, it is called parenting.

Consider first what it is your kids like to do, this will go a long way in making sure your planned activities are fun.

If your kids enjoy being creative then it might be easier than you thought…

10. Painting

Roll out some paper, dress them in their grubby clothes and let them go wild with paints. There is nothing more fun than letting your kids go crazy and expressing their creativity by going nuts with paint. Give them sponges, brushes… or don’t, you could always let them use their hands!

9. Baking

Do you like eating cookies and cakes? Then why wouldn’t you do some baking with your kids? Hit up the internet for some really simple recipes that you can let your kids get involved with. Then once your goodies are ready you can go nuts decorating them!

If your kids aren’t into creative activities, there are plenty of other things to consider. Outdoor fun?

8. Amusement Parks

A day at the zoo, or jumping on rollercoasters? Or better yet, going to a baseball game. It isn’t just about the fun you’re having, it’s that you are spending quality time with your kids and getting to know each other.

7. Hiking

Get your boots on and go check out some hiking trails, it is great exercise and a lot of fun. Just don’t forget to take water!

6. Orienteering

What could be more fun than teaching your kids about teamwork? Not only that but your kids will learn how to use a compass and a map, so they’re learning life skills and having fun!

5. Playing sports

Grab a mitt and go play catch. If baseball isn’t your thing, throw the ol’ pigskin around, or kick the soccer ball around. It is fun for you and it tires them out!

4. DIY

Teaching your kids how to do things around the house is fun and it also provides them with life skills. I can’t thank my dad enough for teaching me my way around a toolkit and whenever I find myself in a hotel with a leaky faucet or a never ending running toilet, I don’t call the front desk, I take two minutes out of my day and fix it. You can also teach your kids how to change a tire, and how to check and change their oil.

For those who prefer indoor life, or perhaps live in a colder climate:

3. Movies

Find an age appropriate film, make some popcorn and sit back and enjoy some quiet time.

2. Reading

This is fun any time of day and reading to your kids is great for their development. It expands their vocabulary, develops their imagination and gives you an excuse to do silly voices for their amusement.

1. Gaming

What better way to make your kids day than getting on the floor next to them and playing their favorite game with them, don’t be surprised when they beat you and don’t tell them you let them win. They know you’re lying.