Watch The Passing Zone Juggling with Howie’s Fate In Their Hands On America’s Got Talent

AGT - 2016 - The Passing Zone Americas Got Talent
Courtesy America's Got Talent - John & Owen from Hermosa Beach, CA 'The Passing Zone' (Credit - screenshot from NBC)


After 28 years in the juggling business from Hermosa Beach, CA, John and Owen have perfected their act all-the-while still looking for their real jobs. At least that leaves a enough time to perfect their talents as suspenseful jugglers and to frighten Howie Mandel at the same time. Just like any business, “The Passing Zone” too has a mantra, “Less dropping, more catching”.

They start their Juggling Duo by saying “We think you are going to enjoy… Well three of you, will because we need Howie to help us”. The sheer unknown terror on Howie’s face is priceless. As a true showman he concedes and goes on stage with John and Owen.

Watch as “The Passing Zone” perform a comedic juggling act involving three special batons. One of a 500,000 volt taser, one of a double sided rat traps, and one of a toilet plunger lit on fire, which may frighten Howie the most as he as a very real phobia of germs. They attempt to juggle over Howie’s face and then at the right moment John tries to Jump over Owen’s shoulders and catch all three batons hurling through the air and land on the other side of Howie’s head.

After all is said and done it is time to vote. Howie Mandel is a little displeased with the announcement that Howie will be involved in their next performance too. They got three yeses moving them forward.

Good luck  “The Passing Zone”.

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