Did Justin Bieber Steal vocal stylings for his hit song Sorry?


We have all heard the hit song Sorry by Justin Bieber at least a million times already. Recently there is controversy over the songs lead in vocals that sound eerily like indie artist Casey Dienel who performs under the name White Hinterland “Ring the Bell” Casey is accusing Justin Bieber, the producer Skrillex, as well as Vivendi’s Universal Music Group of infringing on her copyright. She filed a lawsuit against them in the U.S District Court in Nashville.

Here’s a back to back comparison of the two songs. What is your take on this?

As seen in Casey’s Facebook post, she is not going to take this lying down.

It is fairly common for artist to get sued over songs that sound similar to another song. Sometimes great minds think alike, other times its outright creative theft.

You be the judge.