British blue-eyed soulful singer Adele released her latest single off of her third album “25”. Currently coming in at number 12 on iTunes top songs, and viewed over 52 million times on YouTube alone, “Send My Love (To Your New Lover)” is sure to climb to the top of the charts, and just might hold its ground for weeks.

In early 2008, at only 19, Adele began recording her debut album and very quickly grabbed her spot in iTunes as she went from number 40 to number 1 in only 24 hours. Quite literally overnight, she rose to stardom.

Her follow-up album “21”, again for her age, showed she is a force to be reckoned with, including hits like “Rolling In The Deep”, “Rumor Has It” and “Set Fire To The Rain”. It seemed you couldn’t turn on the radio, or walk into a store without hearing one of her many Grammy worthy songs.

As described by Adele herself “25 is about getting to know who I’ve become without realizing.”

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